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Outfit tip no.19

  15. 03. 2018      Outfit Tips

March, behind the stove! It is said, however, it is mostly that when the first sun shines, we are so excited after that long, cold winter that we cuddle the feathers and dress up light spring bits. Is not that right? Yes it is. And so we decided to give you the first tip for a spring outfit in a light form. Let's look at it.

We have combined Deha and Desigual with a simple yet original outfit. We chose the amazingly comfortable T-shirt Deha in green color, which combines materials, is amazingly nice, light and becoming. We also chose lightweight and comfortable trousers that fit perfectly to the T-shirt. They are loose and becoming, comfortable, suitable for all types of characters.

We have completed the whole outfit with the wonderful Desigual climbing boots , which are additionally multifunctional! They have removable tapes, so you have two shoes in fact. Tapes can be changed by mood or outfit! But that's all right?


Desigual Shoes

More inspiration can be found in our video with a tip for spring outfit!

Published by: Differenta Team

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