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Outfit tip no.15

  19. 01. 2018      Outfit Tips

Looking for inspiration for a outfit for a trip, sports or leisure activities? We have a great tip for Desigual outfit for you. Desigual is a beautiful sporting collection that always has several designs and we always try to pick out such pieces so you can easily combine them to create a luxurious outfit that everyone turns around and you will feel great in it too. Let's imagine the pieces.

We chose a monochrome outfit in dark green with simple colored elements in the form of interesting patterns. The T-shirt in the green base revives the colorful sleeves, is made of functional, absorbent material, which almost does not feel on your body. It is absolutely pleasant. In the same tone we also chose pants that are made of a nice sweatpants. We have revived the whole thing with a double-sided jacket in the same design. The jacket is made of a special material that does not inflate and can be worn by jeans. It is lightweight and maximally functional.

In order for Desigual not to be too much and to show you that you do not even have to worry about the combination of brands, we have added outfit with Converse leather straps , which also have a warm interior that is a nice fur. It is great that you can wear sneakers as well as "chat" in the autumn and winter, and it is not a sign of them at all. The tennis shoes are comfortable, comfortable, warm and fit for any sporting outfit. jeans.

Desigual T-shirt

Desigual sports pants

Converse leather shoes

More inspiration can be found in our video ...

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