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Outfit for extra christmas killers

  04. 01. 2019      From the fashion world

We all know each other well. Gobbles during Christmas holidays will not resist any of us. Tasting, relaxing and eating sweetcookies, delicious sandwiches, juicy roasts, traditional salad, irresistible appetizers or lined bowls. They should not miss sweet drinks, often with a droplet of alcohol, so that we can still eat the health and happiness of all of us. We do not avoid the refrigerator, the mirror or the weight definitely, with a large arc.

But the New Year comes with a lot of resolutions. It is common to drop a pound of the above mentioned use. So, in January, the number of calories that you receive is decreasing as fast as the number of people enrolled in the fitness center is rising. We train, reinforce, crash. Fulfilling energy and determination. And what do we lack to make it even better? A super outfit!

Let's work on the work! Let's look nice when we make it look good :-)

Whether you like the center of attention or you prefer to blend in with the crowd, the Desigual sports collection will offer you the "right walnut" from head to toe.

And because in the form they want to keep not only ladies but also gentlemen, we have a tip for a comfortable, sporty, men's outfit from Under Armour, which every athlete likes.

So boldly and sheding kilos, keeping your fitness and releasing endorphins well!

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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