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Original Tommy Hilfiger Shoes

  05. 04. 2017      From the fashion world

Dear ladies! Botomania continues! This time we will focus on Tommy Hilfiger fashion brand . Tommy Hilfiger presents a new collection of shoes for spring and summer 2017. What is it? Totally original, timeless, colorful and subject to current fashion trends.

We know very well that women's shoes and handbags never have enough. And if he does, he's still flirting with some new pieces at least through his thoughts. So let's get a little crazy with the new Tommy Hilfiger boots. However, we warn that it is quite likely that from the initial stage, when you will flirt with the ideas you are about to flirt with, the "must have" phase, that is, you simply have to.


Tommy Hilfiger boots are usually unusual. The narrow, ankle-shaped shape with rubber inlays on the hips and leatherette buckles with golden fittings looks great. Shoes are not only design but also practical. Ideal for wearing in rainy days, in spring, summer and autumn. Choose from multiple colors.

Tommy Hilfiger boots


As a lady you can feel even in sneakers. Tommy Hilfiger's sneakers are designed for all ladies regardless of age. Choose from a wide range of colors, shapes and designs. We can confirm that you will love them for the first tire, they are incredibly comfortable.

Shoes Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes on a wedge

Enjoy the high- heeled summer with luxury boots on the wedge. These timeless beauties in the metallic trendy design that combines gold, silver and bronze will make it easy for you to do everything. The wedge is covered with jute material, making it the ultimate bestseller of this year's season.

Sandals on Tommy Hilfiger clinker


An important part of every summer shoe is without doubt the flip-flops! In this fashionable world, metallic tones and low flip-flops can look elegant. These have foam sole, so unique and comfortable at the same time.

Tommy Hilfiger flip flops


The absolute hit of the season is clearly espadrilles. Elegant design, sporty use, comfortable wearing, such are the popular slip-on shoes in the form of espadrilles, for which there is a typical jute outsole. These metallic golds also fit perfectly with everything.

Espadrilles Tommy Hilfiger

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