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OPS! Objects of jewelry and fashion accessories will captivate you

  27. 04. 2015      From the fashion world

Do you think it would like some novelty? Something to make an excellent outfit? But do you have bags and shoes for spring? So it's good that you are reading us;) I will give you a great tip! We've taken a new brand under our wings: OPS! Objects;)

OPS! Objects logo OPS! Objects logo

It's called OPS! Objects and she's been here for 5 years. She was born in Italy, and creativity and design are just hurting! Her interests include original fashion accessories such as bracelets, watches, jewelry and mobile covers. Do you want to see her? Here you have it, she seems to be looking forward :)

The first treat is the OPS! Objects with the dominant heart pendant. The heart is enriched with colorful shimmering stones, decorated with a decent silver pendant with the brand logo and fastening it on a dumbbell that you can place in any holes, so you do not have to worry about size. Available in black, blue, white, gray and pale pink.

Ops! Stone Bracelet Objects Ops! Objects Stone bracelet

For those of you, ladies who are rather harsh in nature, there is a choice of bracelet with gold bayonets. The bracelet again adorns the pendant with the brand logo and beware! This also smells vanilla beautifully, so be careful not to get into it. The choice is fuchsia or white.

OPS! Objects Bracelet Studs OPS! Objects Bracelet Studs

Another beautiful piece is this with a modern cocktail trace. The choice is black, blue and beige.

Ops! Objects bracelet Pied de poule Ops! Objects bracelet Pied de poule

In spring, this bracelet with floral texture is also made enriched with vanilla essence. Choose a light blue or white color.

Ops! Objects Flower bracelet Ops! Objects Flower bracelet

This gentle OPS bracelet with pearls is another option. Again there is vanilla scent. Black is available with gray.

Ops! Objects bracelet Matelasse Pearl Ops! Objects bracelet Matelasse Pearl

You can use the luxury and limited editions to make the most of it, so this is the right one for you. Luxurious OPS bracelet called Damier in a golden-black elegant combination with a chessboard. You are also popular with the smell of vanilla!

Ops! Objects Damier bracelet Ops! Objects Damier bracelet

Another OPS! Objects are covered by the phone. On iPhone or Samsung. The cover is plastic, handy, fragrant and your phone deserves a new spring coat, do not you think? The choice is with a colorful floral texture in the light blue or beige.

Ops! Objects cover on iPhone Flower Ops! Objects cover on iPhone Flower

Whether this chessboard type for the most daring of you in the colors green, black and white and gray-white.

Ops! Objects cover on iPhone Damier Ops! Objects cover on iPhone Damier

The icing on the cake in stylish and original accessories is OPS! Objects . You play time with them and you will go anywhere in time :) They are made of glossy plastic and are suitable for both sporty and elegant outfits. A great treat is their water resistance. They are available in a choice of colored stones and a black or light pink base.

Ops! Objects watches Stone Ops! Objects watches Stone

You are the same as we are enthusiastic about the new OPS! Objects and accessories you just have to have ?!

Ops! Objects Ops! Objects

So click on different.com and choose from a brand that reflects current fashion trends and do not forget! Be Different with Different.cz :)

Published by: Team Different

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