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Fashion Advice

On what hands are watches worn?

  21. 02. 2017      General questions


can you please advise which hands are wearing your watch? Most people wear them on the left, but some on the right, does it matter if we are right or left-handed? Or is it a fashion trend?

Klara Absolon


Milá Kláro,

watch is standard on the left hand, regardless of whether you are a "right-handed or left-handed." If someone wears a watch on the right hand or a dial face down, it's more of a trendy thing.Any person is original and so anti- no disciple.;)

But we have a great tip for watches that are subject to current trends, namely Ops! Objects silicone watches that have removable tapes, so you can rotate boldly according to your mood or outfit and you will do so a bit differently ...; )

Watch Ops! Objects

Nice day, Nikol from www.different.cz