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  27. 05. 2019      Different TV CZ / SK


Last week we immersed in the realm of dreams and fantasy , so we have prepared another brand for you that will fascinate YOU and not only that . This brand is beautiful. It is unique and loved by women all over the world. Do you know what brand we are talking about? Yes exactly. This is a new collection brand SANTORO LONDON.

Maybe it seems to you just a dream, how something so beautiful could have arisen. You are not alone. In 1984, such a dream had Luccio and Meera Santorovi , but gradually became a dream. In the same year they created their first product and the following year, they entered the market with the first collection, which was called Bang on the Door.

But we move quickly in time, until 2019. So 34 years after Luccio and Meera created their first product. This amazing brand has prepared three new sub-collections this year. These are Bee-Loved, Tall Tails and Bubble Fairy. If these names don't tell you anything yet, don't worry. That's why Simča and Nikol are here to explain everything.

In addition to new sub-classes, Santoro London has also prepared new products for you. You can look forward to a crossbody gift bag, a moneybox or an amazing jewelry box. And we also have something for diary lovers!

So, are we going to explore another beautiful brand together? We believe that the new collection will enchant you as much as we do. Be sure to let us know if you are a fan of this brand and what products you have. We will be very and very happy for it!

The whole team Different.cz wishes you nice and somewhat different days


Published by: Martin Špeta

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