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Obag - handbags you'll love!

  11. 05. 2015      From the fashion world

An indispensable part of a woman's everyday life is clearly a handbag. We carry handbags all the time, whether large, small, or crossbags. The basic fashion premise is that the handbag should tune with the boots. And if we have several pairs of shoes, we also have several handbags. The problem, however, occurs when we move things from one purse to another in the morning and forget the keys or the wallet. Why do we change our handbags and we do not wear only one, so that we do not have such pals? We just want to be "in" and we want our outfit to be perfectly matched.

Source: www.fullspotmarket.ca Source: www.fullspotmarket.ca

But we have a great solution. Imagine the handbag you build yourself and you can freely change the parts of it, and you can simply move your basic bag from one body to the other, and you do not have to add your "treasures" individually, talking about the Italian OBAG branding handbag , thanks to the stylish variations of the handles, the internal arrangement and several color shades, you can literally create a dream bag.

Obag - pink handbag with rope style handle Obag - pink handbag with rope style handle

Obag handbags are made of high quality silicone material, so they are easy to wash and look stylish and luxurious. You can combine your handbag to your liking. You can change handles or body handles every day. There are several types of handles - rope, leatherette or leather. There are also variations of internal storage bags, so your handbag may look different everyday. Manipulation with the handbag is very simple and fast.

All accessories can be ordered from our e-shop: OBAG CABLES . For example, the black body of the handbag can be combined with a black bag and gold handles.

Or you can experiment with colors and get a cute colorful canvas bag with spring floral motifs or a colorful handle.

Manipulation when making Obag is really easy. Place the bag and handles on the body with screw threads, which takes only a few seconds.

Do not be afraid to experiment a bit and choose accessories according to your taste and mood, then you can simply combine and change the accessories and body colors. The Obag handbag is a real hit this season. Whether you go shopping, work, school or beach, you will be stylish. Obag can easily adapt to you. What more can you want from your indispensable handbag? Be different;)

Published by: Team Different

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