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NOVELTY! We can recommend the right size of clothing and shoes

  23. 08. 2017      From the fashion world

While shopping for clothing, footwear and accessories online is a major trend in recent years, we know that it is not easy to hit the right size. And because we've known that for some time, we decided to do something about it. What if we told you that you just do not mistake yourself for choosing the size of your clothes or shoes? Believe not, it's so! Newly, you can be assigned to SizeID in our e-shop, which means you can once measure it, save your measurements, and never get confused. Your size will be automatically recommended.


In short, we like projects that are a bit different , so we decided to welcome our SizeID project with open arms. Imagine a button directly on the product card that recommends what size is best for you.

The procedure is easy, you first choose the most beautiful fashion piece and click on the RECOMMEND SIZE button to select the size. You'll see a simple spreadsheet where you'll enter your rates within a few seconds, then click the Confirm and recommend size button . You can save your footage to make it easier for you to make your next visit.



If you create your own account, you can add even your loved ones for whom you like to buy. You can simply sign up through your Facebook account;) Then click on the product card on www.different.cz to "RECOMMEND SIZE" and do not risk anymore and be different!

Published by: Differenta Team

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