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  25. 10. 2018      Different TV CZ / SK


The autumn weather seems to run away. Leaves are falling. Here it rains and we have the last few minutes for the autumn to winter preparation. For these reasons, here is a new episode Different TV, where we have prepared a collection of shoes EMU AUSTRALIA for autumn / winter 2018.

Already our grandmothers used to say that winter is coming from their feet, so keep your feet warm. They were and are still right today. So if we do not want to catch a cold in early autumn, the new part is the right one for you. Why? Together with Simča and Nikol, you will look at the EMU shoes, which are made to keep your feet dry but above all warm and comfortable.

The new EMU shoe collection features many new features. One of the first is the extension of the colors of the Stinger models to chocolate, fuchsia
or turquoise.
Another novelty are models that are manufactured directly in Australia. And how do you know? We will not tell you that yet, but definitely
to poznáte :)

What are the benefits of EMU shoes?

  • They're comfortable
  • They are durable
  • They are hardy
  • They are soft and light
  • They are made of real sheepskin
  • And surely you will find other advantages :)

Today's episode is full of news and information about the EMU brand. So if you have four minutes your feet will be warm and comfortable in a moment.


Published by: Martin Špeta

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