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News from Santoro London are here!

  13. 07. 2018      From the fashion world

S enzační
And typical
N eodolable
T ajuplné
O spellbinding
R ozonej
O thundering

One, Gorjuss goes ... again and again, get your attention and your heart.
Santoro accessories , whether fashionable or needed, wear and adore not only children, but also teenage girls and adult lovers of original pieces who will delight in the childish soul.

You can always choose from an exorbitant number of stylish handbags, practical wallets, various cosmetic bags, and new things for those schools, from backpacks, to pencils, to notebooks or pencils.

And what are the new designs, color combinations and Gorjuss dolls or Mirabelle fairies? How different than amazing! Let's imagine them!

Mirabelle's romantic fairies are newly made in Midnight Garden, Parasol, Marina and Secrets . Every one is interesting and a bit mysterious.

Santoro Mirabelle Secrets Backpack

Santoro case Mirabelle Parasol

Santoro cosmetic bag Mirabelle Midnight Garden

The iconic Gorjuss dolls do not have a smile, but they will conjure each other when we look at them.
New addition to the girl is a spectacular backdrop with world-famous buildings or London buildings, where the Santoro brand also comes from. And what's the name of the new "Gorjussky"?

Gorjuss Little Red Riding Hood - known as Red Riding Hood. There is also a wolf and a forest approaching the toadstool.

Santoro handbag Gorjuss Little Red Riding

Friends are never quite enough, so one Gorjuss doll has added another and the design has been called Friends Walk Together.

Santoro backpack Gorjuss Friends Walk Together

In a new and even more appealing version, the well-known Gorjuss Rosebud, Time to Fly or My Story. Colorful combinations are even brighter, more sophisticated, and extra dolls to see the world-famous buildings or major London buildings where the Santoro London brand comes from.

Santoro Writing Set Gorjuss My Story

Santoro double-deck penance Gorjuss Rosebud

And do not forget that one piece is never enough, so create a collection of accessories in one design, for yourself, for your daughter or a friend.

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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