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New Zax shoes are here

  12. 05. 2016      From the fashion world

May is mid and spring in full swing. Everywhere it is full of flowers, colors and the latest fashion pieces. It is the right time to choose the best and most comfortable shoes for this season. Do not let a comfortable ballerina with style? Then you are at the right address;) We have loaded a large number of new boots called Zaxy.

Zaxa shoes bring a beautiful women's and baby collection of ballerinas, frogs and sandals. Not only are they beautiful, they are amazingly comfortable. It can be a great, plastic material that is pleasantly soft, comfortable and flexible, so it can beautifully adapt to the shape of each leg . Plus, that soft insole ... that's good for your feet. We at Different have already fallen in love with them, so we can not forgive you to imagine some of them.

balls of Zaxy

You can choose from many options. At this point, you most enjoyed the ballerina named Start Fem , which is decorated with a beautiful flower on the tip of the shoe . You can buy these ballerinas in black, body, pink or yellow. But we have several other news that is really worth it.

One of the hotnews of Zaxa shoes is also Gift Fem . These shoes have an empty heel that only holds the belt. Decorating them is a cute bow, composed of two colors. For example, body ballerina have bowls enriched with a stylish salmon color .

balls of Zaxy

A great catch can be also stylish flip-flops. The wedge is 8 centimeters high and resembles a cork stained with a variety of pastel colors . Zaxa flip-flops are available in black and white.

You can also find other beautiful models in the women's boots section. Ballerinas in butterfly style, sporty and elegant . Flip-flops that resemble elegant slippers even with a large, laced ribbon.

Another amazing thing on Zaxa shoes is the children's and girls' collection . Baby booties are incredibly cute, so they will like not only you, but also your little love.

Published by: Differenta Team

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