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New Fashion Accessories Calvin Klein

  06. 09. 2017      From the fashion world

That you like the Calvin Klein brand and you know that new fashion accessories have just landed on our eshop? We could say that the fashion brand Calvin Klein is already a phenomenon, so we are honored to introduce her hot news. Handbags, multifunctional, double-sided handbags, men's bags, wallets, scarves or tapes, such pieces on our eshop right now and here. Let's imagine the best of them.

Calvin Klein Handbags

Perhaps the biggest towel is this unique metallic Calvin Klein handbag in bronze design . It has a huge advantage - it fits absolutely to everything. Whether you wear gold, silver, precious stones, black, brown or metallic shoes, or Converse's various colored sneakers , you can take it with you. It has many internal pockets, even a detachable and adjustable strap. So you can wear it both in your hand and as a crossbody .

bronze metallic bag Calvin Klein

Multifunctional handbag Calvin Klein

Among other top pieces, of course, this blue-rose. It's double-sided and instead of one, you actually have two handbags , and it pays off. The handbag is leatherette, soft and spacious, so it also fits in and as a bonus - it has a smaller, removable case for keys or a mobile phone, but it can also serve as a small wallet.

double-sided Calvin Klein handbag

Wallet Calvin Klein

Dear Ladies, let us introduce you to this unique, spacious, practical and very nice Walvin Calvin Klein wallet in immortal wine color. The wallet is clearly arranged so you can divide your cards, papers, receipts, banknotes, and bowsers into it.

Calvin Klein wallet

Scarf Calvin Klein

To favorite accessories is undoubtedly shawls and scarves and there is no wonder. The scarf can change the outfit, revive it, and it can make you warm up. And so we'd like to put on this luxury Calvin Klein scarf in an interesting color that's really good for everything.

Calvin Klein scarf

Belt Calvin Klein

If you are one of the beloved lovers, then this Black with the Calvin Klein logo is a clear choice for you. You do not belong amongst their wearers, we believe you will begin with this piece. The band will make extraordinary ordinary pants and the overall impression of your outfit will be completely different in size.

belt Calvin Klein

Men's Calvin Klein Accessories

Even for the gentlemen, we chose the top pieces and have a great men's bag with a CG monogram in brown. For this crossbody, you will definitely not be ashamed of menswear, you can equip it with a men's Calvin Klein wallet and the overall outfit underline the designer scar of the same brand

men's bag Calvin Klein

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