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New Collection Desigual Spring / Summer 2015- For Ladies!

  22. 01. 2015      From the fashion world

The new collection Desigual Spring / Summer 2015 is great. Let's introduce you a few pieces of ladies' clothing. For mens models, children's or sportswear, boots and accessories, you can look forward to the next issue of our magazine.

This year we will be DIFFERENT! This year we will be DIFFERENT!

It is not long before we closed the door in 2014 and we came to meet in 2015. The new year brings a certain charm. It is a feeling of a new beginning, new opportunities and goals. We believe not only in better tomorrow but also ourselves. We believe that this year we will be successful in fulfilling our resolutions. In short, we believe in our new "I." If we neglect the spiritual page and focus on, but not dispensable, the material side, we also get something new for ourselves, yes, many people say that it does not matter much on material matters, but when we get a new haircut or get a new cosmetics, a new car or a home, we feel better. Perhaps each of us starts with a new outfit that he considers to be a common matter, but what better this new " "and be a bit different ?! This will definitely succeed with our new collection Desigual Spring / Summer 2015.

This year's collection really did. Ladies' shoes, dresses and accessories, men's shirts, children's clothing or sports equipment. Everything you can think of and find in our e-shop. The new collection from Spain is growing slowly but surely on our site. Designers have really cared this year to see that they have considered their designs in detail. Things are not only original, practical, but also very good. Women's original fashion pieces include, for example, the multicolored and multifunctional Pisa sweater.

Desigual Pisa sweater Desigual Pisa sweater

The beautiful knit Desigual sweater with an original collar is a great fashion hit. Thanks to the color combination, it fits any outfit, either sporty or elegant. In spring days it can also be worn as a bag.

Summer is inherently comfortable, simple and especially lightweight. For women, it is mainly a dress. But what to choose to be able to wear them on more occasions is sometimes a difficult task for us. Desigual therefore has a practical solution. For example, these beautiful Siren dresses.

These Desigual dresses are really luxurious, suitable for all ages and occasions, also for everyday wear. Dresses have a very fashionable cut, a flowing skirt and a waist down with a cute cord. Desigual dresses are on the tie around the neck. On the back they have a small, drop-shaped neckline that adorns the casual bows around the neck. In the summer, you will really use it.

Another great and original piece that should not be missed in the new wardrobe is the Valeria T-shirt.

Desigual T-shirt Valeria Desigual T-shirt Valeria

The Desigual T-shirt is very stylish and practical, combined with a casual, sporty and elegant outfit. It can be worn both for jeans and for leggings. The shirt has a bat appearance and fits freely along the hips. The waist can be pulled off by a stylish ribbon. The advantage of this practical cut is that you can wear it any way you feel. It is suitable for all moods and character types.

If you're looking for your favorite jeans, but you do not want to be the same as your colleague at work or your classmate, the Desigual brand brings you an original and stylish Suerte jeans solution in extraordinary shear.

Desigual jeany Suerte Desigual jeany Suerte

The classics of these pants are definitely lacking, but that's what we are going to do. The pants are decently embroidered with blue embroidery around the waist and pockets, but the pants are very original, they are pulled into the elastic band, which is very practical in the boots and looks great for, for example, wedge shoes or ballerinas.

Tips for a new wardrobe, you've gotten a little from us, ladies. Everything you can find on www.Different.cz , as well as in another part of our magazine. So be inspired and do not forget to be DIFFERENT this year;)

Published by: Team Different

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