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NEW COCONVERSE furry hens sweaters

  01. 04. 2019      From the fashion world

Sweaters from furry hens

American scientists have bred a new kind of hens that are a great discovery for the fashion industry. Sweaters from their fur are warmer than those from Kashmir goats. In addition, these hens are already born colorful, so there is no need for sweaters to color. In addition, the cocks of this kind have so much in store the popular design of "cock tracks".

The best news for nature lovers, however, is that chickens are cut like sheep, so you always know that the material holder for your sweater has not been used for any chicken broth, but is still running around the American meadows.

And it also bears its beautiful furry eggs, which is likely to be the hit of this year's Easter.



We don't have sweaters and sweatshirts made of furry hens. But these are also not forbidden:



Published by: Milan Polák

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