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New Butterfly Twists Shoes Collection Autumn / Winter 2017

  10. 10. 2017      From the fashion world

This London brand, Butterfly Twists, did not appear in the fashion world just by chance. That was the way 10 years ago, four friends met - men and, as is the case in male parts, they made a bet. The punishment for losers was to spend the upcoming 15 cm heels party. We know that we have told you the story at least once, but it just does not bother you and it does not hurt to remind you again. Besides, these lines may be read by those who have not heard of the brand. So cook or order coffee and read on.

The unfortunate person has tried how many women who spend hours in the heels suffer. So he came up with the idea he addressed people around the world. He realized that women simply needed shoes for running around the city, for work, for meetings, but also for nightmares , and he created the boots that are incredibly comfortable and extraordinarily comfortable.

So friends put their heads together, and so the Butterfly Twists brand came into being . Brand of footwear with light butterfly wings. Imagine having a challenging day ahead of you with higher heels. And then imagine that even in a small bag you put a small bag with completely stylish and scraped ballerina. Butterfly Twists will be pulled out whenever you need it.

All boots have a very soft, memory insole, so you can spend hours in them, all day long. They are comfortable, comfortable on the leg and additionally sophisticated design. It has to be said that every collection is subject to current fashion trends and we will look at this year's "Autumn / Winter 2017" right now.

Butterfly Twists Ballerinas

Great news - the tips have returned! And the fashion brand Butterfly Twists is not left behind. In addition, she combined powdered, rose gold and snake motifs in different shapes, which simply did not make a mistake. Ballerinas are suitable for both elegant and sport outfits. They are soft, light and incredibly comfortable.

Butterfly Twists

Butterfly Twists

Butterfly Twists

Bikers or ankle sneakers are now MUST HAVE pieces that you should not miss in your shoe. And so we're introducing the sophisticated, sophisticated and very comfortable Butterfly Twists in trendy woolen - army style. These self-adhesive pads are matched to any outfit. Whether color or monochrome.

Butterfly Twists


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