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MY OPS! - add-ons that make sense

  19. 05. 2016      From the fashion world

Italian brands Ops! Objects comes to Bohemia with a new feature called My Ops! Do you have any idea what we are talking about? Do not worry, in a moment you will learn everything. But we'll take it nicely.

Brand Ops! Objects comes from Italy and offers all kinds of accessories, jewelery and ornaments based on plastic or silicone material. They also work with stainless steel and other metals. The materials combine differently, decorated with colored stones and pearls, so it is not surprising that their accessories have the status of LUXUS.

bracelets Ops! Objects

Special features of OPS! Objects is also an unconventional vanilla scent and uncluttered design. Design plastic fashion accessories are simply a fashionable scent that you can not resist.

Revolutionary novelty is a series called My Ops! Once we've introduced a brand-new brand design, you can also play My Ops! It is a set of jewelery, chains or bracelets, which also have a favorite silicone heart, but you can equip it to your liking. My Ops! is a chainring with a pendant that is made with a silicone "frame" and a plastic heart, and then you get miniature symbolic icons to capture your current mood.

the My! Ops pendant

Ops! create it by removing it from the silicone frame of the heart , opening it up and inserting the icons , you can freely confuse the mood or the current situation. For example, if you are engaged in fresh engagement, you are decorated with the LOVE set with a engagement ring. If you love pets, decorate the icons with a dog and a dice.

The Ops! Objects just like Pandora wanted to express some sense, presenting the accessories we are wearing. She wanted to express an amazing mission to spread joy, love, happiness or friendship. This set is also a great gift for a gift, so be inspired ...;)

Published by: Differenta Team

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