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  09. 06. 2019      Different TV CZ / SK



It is only a few weeks since we introduced you to a really fashionable thing. We introduced a brand new brand in our e-shop. Its name is both from the fashion realm! Do you know what brand it is?

Maybe some of you already know. Some of you have even seen her. And some of you have lit up your eyes so that it is one new, fashionable thing in your wardrobe. Well, good! We won't stretch you long. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce a new brand of fashion clothing Moodo!

The Moodo brand was established ten years ago and has climbed to the top of women's clothing in Poland. It currently has more than 130 shops and due to such popularity is also abroad. And so we are extremely happy that we were the first to introduce it to us in the Czech Republic.

Moodo is a manufacturer of mostly women's clothing at very reasonable prices. You can really choose from a wide portfolio of colors, cuts and fashion pieces that will get you to your knees.


Published by: Martin Špeta

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