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  04. 03. 2019      Different TV CZ / SK


This season, Calvin Klein has decided to give his products bright shades of color.

The main ones are fuchsia and pink . Why these colors? It's quite simple, it fits perfectly with everything. Whatever your clothes. If you are a brunette, brunette or blonde nothing is a problem. It will always be fine and, above all, it will suit you.

Calvin Klein has traditionally come with very popular handbags, scarves and baseball caps that you have especially liked. If we focus more on handbags, we have a unique and new shape. It is a beautiful handbag with many features. You can wear it purely in your hand, or you can put it elegantly over your shoulder (like a crossbody). This beautiful handbag has countless advantages, so be sure to check out the video. Simča will list them all for you. And that there are!

In addition to the above-mentioned handbags, this year's collection also features double-sided belts. It is an upcoming phenomenon that you will surely hear about. You will hear about them especially in our video, so listen carefully, but also watch how wonderful they are. In our country it was again a love at first sight!

And if you are interested in other news, click on the video to see what beautiful pieces the CK designers have prepared for you .


Published by: Martin Špeta

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