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Metal collection of handbags and bags DOCA

  19. 07. 2016      Different TV CZ / SK

The metallic collection of Greek style by DOCA keeps on having fun. Is it bronze, silver or gold in shiny metallic shades? Choose your own https://www.different.com/doca .

In its metallic collection, DOCA offers color matching accessories that appeal to every lady. The overall impression then you can form a color set harmonizing handbag - clutch - bag and be perfectly tuned.

Other DOCA accessories

DOCA, however, are not just elegant women's handbags and bags , but DOCA also offers very popular hats that you will especially appreciate in the coming sunny days. Protect yourself from sharp sun rays? Only with DOCA hats.

You can easily complete your outfit with the colorful and imaginative DOCA wallets , add some cute DOCA jewelery with the already mentioned DOCA handbags and you will have a perfectly functional whole.

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