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Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Weekend

  04. 10. 2014      From the fashion world

In the period 4-9. revived Prague's cultural event with fashionable subtext and was named Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Weekend. Nor do I have to supply what German carmaker was the general partner. Nor is it one of the biggest fashion events ever in the whole Czech Republic. This event is very popular not only with us but around the world (New York, Sydney, Berlin, etc.), where it belongs to the worldwide network of MB Fashion Weeks. But with us, it's more complicated with Fashion Week rights. We have Week and Weekend. This is because of trademark and name disputes. But about it the next time;)

Anyway, he can see the normal "mortal" work of designers from the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic and see significant Czech and foreign guests.

I had the chance to go see the Sunday show called Odivi. Iva Burkertová, the Czech brand of the young woman, you will not miss her, because of her wild look and thanks to the collection, which she says: "The new line concerns the moment when I feel like I can do everything It's about the path from white paper to the sea of the whole world, and of the difficulty and the ease of returning to childish naivety and immediacy. "But let us not start over and start from the beginning.When arriving at Wenceslas Square it felt like something was happening. all of which were "dismantled." In front of the majestic building of the Faculty of Law at Charles University, where the event took place, it was very busy and the accumulation of people "derelict" could not be noticed.

MBPFW 2014 MBPFW 2014

For a moment, I felt like somewhere on the street in NY, where I was recently, and where things I'd never personally personally or myself personally wearing had people wearing and they could just wear it. I can not say I did not go to fashion ... But for those bits that you say is useless to avoid simply avoiding. And how great they look on the others! I could sit in front of the building calmly all day and just watch what the others are wearing. Already at this moment, it was a show for me :) After coming to the hall, I was a little overwhelmed, it was a classic aula and a bare environment with high ceilings never look very good. The whole atmosphere was created by a young "guy" with curly mane in the drums.

Drummer on MBPFW 2014 Drummer on MBPFW 2014

I was sitting right next to him and it was an experience you always remember. They began to play the tones of music that, when one hears, pulls out a cell phone and downloads Shazam because it's called "another", and that's what it is today. Be Different :) From the layman's point of view, I must point out to the show itself that she was good.

MBPFW 2014 show MBPFW 2014 show

It was not just fashion show, but some of the pieces I would like to have in my closet. Simple materials, cuts and yet chic.

MBPFW 2014 show MBPFW 2014 show

All the models looked exactly the same, big glasses and melted hair, simple, but super! What I'm never gonna understand .. Why the girl to get to the pier must look like .. get the word out of the concentrate. I wish I could live the day when it changed. And I would not have wondered if that day did not happen. My opinion is that a woman who has curves and can wear it can wear anything and does not have to look like a scrawny shoulder .. But we're somewhere else else :) Anyway, I appreciate the action overall for a great and great experience, it's anything. What has been confirmed here is that the one who does it differently wins;) And you are different with DifferentFasion.cz.

Veronica, for whom it is a different heartbeat;)

Published by: Team Different

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