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Memobottle is a practical and stylish novelty

  11. 02. 2016      From the fashion world

On board a sailboat named Different a new brand was embarked on, and we were really excited. And because we are different and we can not sell boring and non-original products, Memobottle belongs to stylish bits that have not only their practical part but also the design ones. What exactly is Memobottle and why does it fit you? You can read everything you need to know about hot novels right now.

Do you know the days when you just do not have the time to sit down and really add the fluids ? As more and more of us are in full day of work, it is easy to forget that we simply forget to drink and follow the drinking regime. Moreover, none of us wants to carry a heavy bottle of water protruding from the purse.

Memobottle on Different.cz

This is exactly what the Memobottle design piece will solve. Memobottle is a drink bottle that is incredibly practical. With its storage, you can have plenty of drinks in your bag for your whole city walk or business meetings. This stylish bottle is in the shape of an A5 or A6 book, so put it in your handbag next to your diary and you're out of stock.

Additionally, when you remove such a bottle from your handbag along with a diary or notepad in the middle of a business meeting, you admire a 100 percent admiration for the original solution . And we do not even have to say about the practical part of the nonsense.

Memobottle on Different.cz

Memobottle can be found on Differnet.cz in section For living . You can choose from two formats , each of which has something in it.

Smaller size A6 can fill 375ml of water. Nearly "four decades" of water still! That's great. In addition, thanks to its very compact and small size, it can fit into the back pocket of your pants. Anyway, put it in a small purse or bigger lettering.

Memobottle on Different.cz

The larger size is in size A5. The content is 750ml. This size of Memobottle is even bigger, yet still fits into a handbag next to a diary or notebook like nothing. You can take it both in your handbag and the men's briefcase. You are still behind the star, you are still stylish and never thirsty.

If this is not enough to prove that Memobottle is one of the biggest styles, we still have one. Two lids - white and black - are included in the package . That's why you're tuning every day in every circumstance.

Memobottle on Different.cz

Published by: Differenta Team

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