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MEL's plastic shoes Spring / Summer 2014 collection

  26. 03. 2014      From the fashion world

Melissa plastic scented shoes are all well-known. She comes from Brazil and her younger sister is Mel. Mel's shoes are a trademark of the smoker. It is an eco-friendly and recyclable brand of footwear, whose shoes are made of Melflex material, which adapts well to the foot. This is Melissa's patented, high-quality and durable plastic that the designers have literally dealt with. And be careful if you are one of those who love Melissa's candy, just like you, so you do not have to feel sorry. This spring / summer 2014 collection is the first fully fragrant collection of these stunning Mel shoes. And here we are going to present in full beauty.

baleríny Mel Fresh www.botymel.cz ballerinas Mel Fresh www.botymel.cz

Mel Fresh Shoes - You know these fresh original ballerina without tips from the previous 4 collections. They are the most popular type of ballerina and bear the name "FRESH". They follow the last year's type with a flower, this year has heart and razor application and is available in a variety of colors. With heart you can find ballerinas in combination of colors: black-red, pink-black and yellow-black. With ribbons then monochrome: black, beige and red.

baleríny Mel Milkshake www.botymel.cz ballerinas Mel Milkshake www.botymel.cz

Mel Milkshake Shoes - Another type of new collection is stylish air ballerina with heart-shaped holes and straps. They follow up on last year's Meliss, dubbed Dance Hits, which became the best-selling last year. These breathable ballerinas are also popular for their practicality - with elegance, you can add them to your handbag. This year's collection has a glossy surface in a combination of colors: red-pink, orange-beige and blue-green. For festive occasions, there are Milkshake with glitter on the surface and available in black, pink and gold.

baleríny Mel Pop www.botymel.cz ballerinas Mel Pop www.botymel.cz

Mel Pop shoes - Today's third hit is the romantic female Pop ballerinas, which are decorated with an elegant bow on the tip, have a matte finish with a rainbow structure and are available in pink-red, blue-beige and black-and-gray. Another Pop group is with a flower on the tip and a glossy surface in black and beige-black colors.

boty na podpatku Mel Raspberry www.botymel.cz heel shoes Mel Raspberry www.botymel.cz

Mel Raspberry Shoes - These luxurious comfortable heel shoes are another novelty. They are linked to last year's Melissa collection called Lady Dragon from Vivienne Westwood and decorated with a romantic heart at the top. They were created in gray with a red heart.

baleríny Mel Marshmellow www.botymel.cz ballerinas Mel Marshmellow www.botymel.cz

Mel Marshmellow Shoes - Another spring / summer collection is the unique Mel-free ballerina with a pin and an inspirational glitter tip. These stylish shoes have been named Marshmellow and, just like the famous candy, they are soft and beautiful. They are available in black-and-gray with surface-to-brill and orange-blue-beige.

baleríny Mel New Glitter www.botymel.cz ballerinas Mel New Glitter www.botymel.cz

Mel New Glitter Shoes - The latest innovations are the plastic breathable, perforated Ballerinas Mel with strap that have an insole fitted with anchor motif and decorated with a small gold heart on the tip. They are available in black, white, red, green and blue.

Kolekce bot Mel jaro/léto 2014 www.botymel.cz Mel Spring / Summer 2014 shoe collection www.botymel.cz

So what do you say to the new Mel Spring / Summer 2014 shoe collection? Are you interested too, and these stylish and scented shoes can not be missed at home? Then do not hesitate and choose www.botyMel.cz at very reasonable prices.

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