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Melissa Shoes - New Collection Spring / Summer 2017

  22. 02. 2017      From the fashion world

Hurááá, the new collection of Melissa plastic shoes is here and is literally EXCELLENT! The fashion brand Melissa has been our passion for a long time, our shoes crack in the seams, so this year we decided to add more bottles because we just put in the new pieces that are worth it.

As for the current trends, the massive applications at the top are still "in", but the deeper pieces are moving to the fore, and we're a little bit back in time until the nineties when we were wearing high-end shoes . presented the top bits of this season.

Sandals on the platform

Remember, these sandals on the platform , inspired by ninety, are just "top." The decent design at the extravagant height simply does not make a mistake, all of which have a softened insole, making them totally comfortable.

Ladies sandals Melissa

Melissa + Vitorino Campus

Original shoes are always those that someone has designed. Melissa, in collaboration with the world-renowned stylist Vitorin Campus, presents unique shoes that are very luxurious. Decent top-of-the-line application in the form of a tied bracelet with a fancy metal buckle is not a mistake.

Ladies sandals Melissa

Melissa + Salinas

The fact that the Melissa brand comes from Brazil proves the fact that this year introduced a special collection inspired by beach fashion . Evidence is that these great, softened sandals, again on the raised platform with interesting buckles.

Ladies sandals Melissa

Massive applications

Of course, massive top-of-the-line applications continue this year, these great open-top sandals and closed heels carry a massive bow with a fitting and look great on the leg. Again, there is a softened inner insole and an irresistible chewy scent.

Ladies sandals Melissa

Sport sandals

This year's collection also features a more sporty version of fragrant, plastic booties . They are these beautiful sandals with Velcro fasteners, with a softened insole. Comfort is guaranteed.

Sport sandals Melissa

Original flip-flops

Imagine going down the beach, the sun burns you and you feel not only the scent of the sea but also the smell of your shoes. You will have such an experience with Melissa flip flops.

Ladies flip flops Melissa

We have selected a few new pieces for you and we hope to inspire you because the summer is coming and needs to be remembered. It should be added that Melissa will last you for several seasons and that their chewing scent never escapes.

Published by: Differenta Team

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