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Melissa Shoes - New Collection

  27. 10. 2015      Different TV CZ / SK

You know the brand of luxury plastic scented Melissa shoes, that's for sure. And if you do not, so you are watching our DifferentTV.cz , where we have already been filming some parts;) Melissa is a shoe brand that goes from Brazil and is perhaps better known than Baťa in this country;) Little girls, young ladies i mature ladies wear Melissa all over the world and are proud of it.

Melissa Shoes should take the shoe of each of us. The smells blend in them already in production, and it smells virtually still;) Melissky will shine your shoe and you will smile a smile on your face every time you reach them.

There are shoes and boots. And the Melissa brand certainly falls into the second category. We have been selling Different.com since 2008, so it's one of our biggest hearts. It can be seen that people in this company know what they are doing, so the brand names the greatest names of the fashion industry like Karl Lagerfeld and others. The new Melissa collection is here, so make up and make the right fashion joy;)

Published by: Milan Polák

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