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Melissa Shoes - new collection

  09. 07. 2015      Different TV CZ / SK

The jewelery of the fashion industry? Melissa Shoes - Amazing, fragrant shoes that you feel like dancing on a cloud. Melissa's love at first glance. And the other one. And third. Fourth, Fifth, Fifty. Zamilujet;)

Shoes are an eternal theme for all women. And it's not easy to pick the shoes to be stylish yet original and comfortable. Melissa, a Brazilian shoe brand, meets all this. It collaborates with the world's largest fashion brands that use it to photograph their collections.

Melissa's style. Melissa's life. And we want to live with joy and smile on our face. The new Melissa collection is beautiful. Check out our Melissa shoes at our e-shop . The cheaper version of Melissa shoes is Mel shoes ;) Do you know?

Be different and enjoy life;)

Published by: Milan Polák

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