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Melissa plastic shoes - a new collection of SS 18

  29. 01. 2018      From the fashion world

Here it comes! Spring is coming! Or at least we feel it in the air. A new collection of popular Melissa plastic shoes for us came to us for Spring / Summer 2018, and that always brings us to the right spring and summer atmosphere. The new collection is again filled with luxurious and fragrant pieces that MUST HAVE this season. What does this year's collection offer? Of course, a lot of original pieces, let's imagine them.

And before we introduce our new pieces, we will give you a few key points that you should definitely know about Melissa shoes. First of all, they are made of a special Melflex material that is waterproof, lightweight, soft and easy to adjust. Secondly, they are impregnated with fragrant perfumed essence , reminiscent of sweet gum, and this scent never, never, NEVER, fades. It will even take you to the shoe. And thirdly, most of the pieces have a softened memory insole so they are amazingly comfortable. So let's get it.  

Melissa sneakers

The fashion world is surprising but we consider these unique sneakers as the absolute top of this year's Melissa collection. And they are not just any sort of sneakers, they're magical. They are made of special Melflex plastic material so that the legs fit, smell great and additionally have a specific color to match them to any outfit. It suits both the sport outfits and the smarter ones . They will look great for both jeans and skirts or dresses.

sneakers Melissa

Melissa ballerina

It could be said that in this year's collection, the ballerinals are almost retreating because they have overwhelmed a large number of slippers or sandals, but what if it was a spring without ballerinas, but we will give you some bits. Of course, classic balerines with a hidden wedge, a pinhole at the tip and a massive ornament should not be missed in different colors. Melissa is also inherently involved with designer Jean-Jason Wu , which is projected again at bats in atypical design. And finally, we can recommend you cute beauties with an elegant strap across the instep.

Melissa ballerina


Melissa ballerina

Sandals Melissa

So we're there. With absolute certainty, we can say that sandals are 100% IN . Specifically, these massive sandals on the platform with distinctive tapes across the instep. Of course, the Melissa brand also offers other design pieces in a colorful design that you can also find on our eshop.

sandals Melissa

Melissa slippers

So this is really a styling for the end. We love slippers, they are comfortable. And once you put on Melissa slippers, you will not want to take them off. They are beautiful, stylish and extremely comfortable . You just want it! The internal memory insole and the never-aging design will guarantee your tires for several seasons , which will definitely pay off. You can choose from a large number of colors and designs again.

Melissa slippers

Melissa slippers

Published by: Differenta Team

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