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Melissa plastic boots - 4-pin shoes

  12. 02. 2018      From the fashion world

With this article, we would like to tell you that Melisska really should buy this spring and spring season! Here are some tips on why Melissa shoes are "must have" a piece in your shoe! We will give you all the benefits of these plastic styles that you can not take off your feet! And because spring is coming, and because the new Melissa collection for Spring and Summer 2018 is already online, we said that the truth is the right time. So let's get it.

Melissa shoes

Melissa shoes are made of special Melflex material , which is additionally impregnated with a special perfumed essence. This technology of perfuming material will ensure that the scent of the shoes never escapes and, moreover, will calm the whole room. Melflex's material is lightweight, soft and adaptable; it was just a few pieces of information, this is the beginning.

Now good to the point. It could be said that Melissa boots are 4 dolls shoes !

V 1 - Waterproof

V2 - Fragrant

In 3 - Inspired by nature

V 4 - Satisfactory

  1. They are water-soluble, you can clean the shoes with water, you can walk along the water ;-). If you're going to the sea, Melissa flip flops or slippers are perfect for you. If you're out of puddles in Melissa's ballerinas , you should not even have it.
  2. They are exotic, they are impregnated with a special fragrant essence, which never escapes from the shoes. We specifically call this particular scent "chewing gum" because it smells sweet, like the chewing gums we adore as children.
  3. They are INNER NATURAL . Like any other plastic, they are recyclable or organic.
  4. They are SERIOUSLY SUPPORTED , thanks to the soft and flexible Melflex material that easily adapts your legs, for example, they can easily be released and will never push you.

Melissa shoes

Published by: Differenta Team

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