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Melissa, fragrant love! Introducing the spring / summer 2019 collection

  15. 03. 2019      From the fashion world

It is here! A new brand collection has arrived in our warehouses, which is probably the most. Sweet fragrance spread out to every corner, and excited cries, over new designs, sprouted across the room. There's a fashionable Melissa brand for spring and summer 2019! And as the sun shines every day, temperature rises and things in our wardrobe and shoeter go through traditional exchange, it's time to imagine all those new beauties.

Melissa ballerinas

Spring is still the most popular type of shoes. They are comfortable and fit to many outfits. Just choose your favorites in terms of shape, color and style.

The traditional type is a ballerina with a hidden heel and a round toe with a small tear. New, detailed sophisticated and overlooked bows are an imaginary icing on each pair. And if your gold balls get your hearts enough to wear them not only in the spring, but also in the hot summer, you can get a similar frog design.


Another, more decent type are ballerina with a narrow toe with a low heel. They are glossy and decorated with metallic, elegantly folded bows with metal fittings in the middle.

Melissa Doll

And the "perforated" intertwined version of Jean + Jason Wu can not be missed . The air ballerinas look like they are tangled from several punched stripes and fit for more sporty outfits.

Melissa Jean Jason Wu

Sandals Melissa

The popular luxury-looking sandals fell in love with thousands of women. The low heel, the effusive cut-out on the breeches, the softened inner insole - all this makes Melissek perfect summer shoes. Those for spring / summer 2019 are in a glossy finish, decorated with elegant metallic ribbons and iconic logo in the form of a small M.

Melissa Seduction

Melissa flip flops and flip flops

These shoes for summer are just like the sun and high temperatures. Try the designer Melissa that attracts attention at first glance and highlights your outfit to the top. Summer can be crossed in slippers with a beautiful bow pastel shades or in jabbed flip-flops.

Melissa slippers and flip flops 


Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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