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Melissa - a new fabulous collection of popular plastic shoes

  11. 07. 2016      From the fashion world

The Brazilian brand Melissa does not feel like it is original and it seems that the collections from the collection are more creative and interesting. The collection that we will introduce you in this article is the current autumn / winter 2016. Do you like fairy tales, fantasy and science fiction? What about Alice in the Wonderland or The Little Prince's Story? You can expect such timeless originality in this collection. Of course, elegance and style are also missing.

Melissa you love not only because of the material from which the shoes are made, but also because of their irresistible scent , resembling chewing gum. The material is called Melflex , it is light, soft and perfectly adapts to the shape of your leg. And how this collection looks, judge yourself. Look forward to your taste and get inspired.

Certainly, each of you from the compulsory school reading will recall the story of the Little Prince , which some of us understand perhaps in adulthood, most of us have loved him and read this story back to his children. In a new collection, Melissa introduced shoes that inspire the story of Little Prince.

These beautiful top-end ballerinas, featuring an illustrated inner insole and interesting motifs outside the shoes, come in a variety of colors - from light pink to black . And so you can choose from this wide range of color trends and have your legs in a fairy tale.

Another amazing inspiration is the story of Alice in Wonderland. Melissa is also an original Melissa ballerina , which is a popular fairytale , "Alice in the Wonderland" , such a small dive and will certainly meet with admiration in your neighborhood. The ballerinas have a classic shape, a small pin on the tip and a slightly raised heel in the form 2 cm The inner insole has illustrative pictures.The shoe is transparent and the top is the application of a red heart and a black leaf as well as a card game.This shoe is different but still the same and so original.Melissa also offers a combination of more colors.

No ladies like Cinderella, but Melissa thinks all of them, so they make the shoes like Cinderella, which you will love for the first tire and you will be careful not to drop your shoe from your leg. These beautiful knee-length shoes with a softened insole on your leg are almost uncomfortable and you can choose from several color combinations.

It would be a shame to stay with the fairy tales and not to present you the rest of the collection. The current collection of Autumn / Winter 2016 is really successful, offering ballerina with the motif of the marble design or with the application of a spiky heart at the top . But also a low ballerina in menthol with a ribbon and a mokasin style that never goes out of fashion.

We hope you have enjoyed and inspired our inspirational article about the Melissa fairytale collection and will soon be glowing even on your feet.

Published by: Differenta Team

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