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Matching Set Desigual Matematicas - 56.díl - DifferentTV.cz

  18. 03. 2015      Different TV CZ / SK

How do I match Desigual with other pieces? Simply - select one beautiful, distinctive and colorful piece of clothing (or accessory) and blend it with something simple. Desigual tries to make your situation easier by creating set-ups for you.

You can buy Desigual T-shirts to match the Desigual handbag, scarf or wallet in the same design. And to remove the Desigual purse from the purse in the same design - it's a real jerk, and this neighborhood will certainly not leave it cold. Fashion hearts fool because fashion is about tuning details;)

At Different.cz, we've enjoyed these details, so Desigual is still our favorite. Fall in love with these details too;) Desigual T-shirt and wallet in the same design? It's just a style.

We are your fashionable Internet TV , so we bring you exactly these fashionable treats;) Stay with us!

Published by: Team Different

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