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Marketing manager Ráďa: The Style of My Heart

  13. 02. 2019      From the fashion world

The next episode of our The Style of My Heart series is here. Also in this one you can read nice lines about our loved ones from Differenta. In the previous article you got to know juicy details about our Romanian colleague Eliza- Area Manager for Differenta.ro. This time we will focus on our witty, skillful and not a little modest marketing manager Ráďa. Everybody here calls him Ráďa, but in my opinion, he should be called Radek, marketing manager Radek. 

Marketing manager Ráďa

  • Who is Radek?
     He considers the ability to make scrambled eggs his special skill (even with only one hand). And that´s not his only one cooking skill, he is modest to describe himself as an expert in whipping milk foam for cappucino or cacao. It's an outdoor enthusiast: Master of two border terriers (Rozárka and Lucy), he attends obedience classes with them, agility. He's our Predator Racer. When it´s needed, he throws the boxes over one another and jumps over the racks in our warehouse, while doing that, he rides a skateboard and spins on his head. He is just like "Clarke Kent". "A very handsome boy with nice look and big muscles." That´s how he described himself. And an unnamed colleague described Radek as follows: "Radek has a very beautiful butt." 
  • What does your job position involve? Customer communication and everything related to it, I´ve been looking after almost everything. 3 years already.
  • Where can customers see your work results? Regularly, customers can read posts on social networking sites. I come up with slogans to ads. I create items compositions in Photoshop at the speed of lightening too. I am simply a dogsbody.
  • How does your working space look like? There is always a cup that has the capacity of a small barrel on my desk. That´s typical for me. 
  • What do you like the most about Different? Together with a marketing partner Martin we make roguish duo and lately we have been seriously considering about founding a morning show. About Different I like Martin the most (surprisingly enough).
  • After work fun. What do you do in your free time? Where and how do you relax? My favorite activities are shooting and sweating = Predator race, SRTG Rokycany (Spartan race training group), where I go twice a week. When I have the opportunity to reach the summit, I also like climbing. 
  • Do you have any favorite brands? Lately I´ve grown fond of Under Armor and I´m glad that we have this brand on our e-shop. I make a use of its functional clothing especially for my outdoor activities. Converse + Happy Socks are my loved brands. I find them very stylish, comfortable and a little crazy, that´s just what I like. Last but not least, I like pieces by Tommy Hilfiger, but rather for special occasions.

    The style of my heart

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