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  23. 10. 2017      From the fashion world

We do not get CABLES as a bribe. Nobody tells them to nest. No one is populist to promise us. We enjoy ourselves. Because we are a fair woman who knows that she just deserves the CURRENT LUXURY CABLE sometimes.

And so we are troubled by a single dilemma : Buy a couple of Cats or a new Desigual handbag ? ;) Well, we should be worried about what brand we should decide for, because at our eshop there is really a selection of plenty of brands. Moreover, most brands have come up with a perfect idea this year and offer handbags multifunctional.

The original pieces from sunny Greece include, for example, Doca ! Luxurious and more familiar, the brand name Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein . These pieces would certainly not be missing in your "handbag".

Desigual Handbags

Desigual is no longer just the extraordinary brand with wild patterns. The brand gains a luxury status because it represents the pieces that are decent, much more moderate, and especially CLEAR . Just as you imagine you buy one purse and you have three handbags, but is not that a dream? It is not! These really exist and we stock them in different colors, designs and different motifs.  

Desigual multifunctional bag

Calvin Klein Handbags

The same applies to Calvin Klein handbags , which are not behind this multifunctional trend, and are subject to current fashion trends that are undoubtedly "immortal" , a collection of metallic colors, annealed elements and monochrome models.

Calvin Klein handbag

Tommy Hilfiger Handbags

Even Tommy Hilfiger is multifunctional handbags , such as those with a flap , if you want a monochrome design, rewind the lapel and have a monochrome handbag. If you have the color of the flap on the other side of the shoe, turn the flap and you get it.

Tommy Hilfiger handbag

P sst! Until Wednesday midnight we put Desigual as a GIFT for each handbag;) The action is valid until October 25, 2017 or until stocks go out.

And if you want something really "different!" Let yourself be inspired by this video.

Published by: Differenta Team

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