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Luxurious Crystal Set Desigual

  01. 04. 2015      From the fashion world

Part of the new Desigual Spring / Summer 2015 ladies collection are interesting sets made of uppers and various accessories. These sets give the outfit a complete look and sense of detail. One is a crystal set. You love it because of its distinctive color. Things are decorated with rose patches and fuchsia suede lace applications. Textile is combined with a black leather leatherette that blends perfectly with other colors.

The set consists of 2 handbags. The larger Desigual handbag has a main zipped pocket. Inside 2 smaller pockets for small items and 1 small zipper. There are two small zipped pockets on the front and back. The handbag can be worn in the hand or on the shoulder.

Desigual Tokyo Amanecer Desigual Tokyo Amanecer

The smaller Crossbody handbag from Desigual has the same main compartment as the previous main zipped pocket, and there are pockets for small items inside. The front is a small patent pocket and zipper. On the back is a larger, larger pocket without closing. The handbag is designed to be worn over the shoulder thanks to an adjustable strap.

Desigual Brooklyn Amanecer Desigual Brooklyn Amanecer crossbody handbag

Another add-on to the same crystal theme is the baby. The fastener is zipped around the perimeter. Inside, the wallet is divided into several pockets. In the center there is space for coins and card compartments. There are a total of 12. There is a small zip pocket on the back of the wallet.

Desigual Zip Around Amanecer wallet Desigual Zip Around Amanecer wallet

The latest addition to this set is the Desigual scarf . Dimensions are 110x195cm.

Desigual Amanecer Scarf Desigual Amanecer Scarf

Crystal set includes a dress. They have an asymmetric cut and a left-side stitch that adds elegance and smudge to your dress. The dresses have a short sleeve and a lace neckline. The material is comfortable and nicely sits on the body.

Desigual Dress Mildred Desigual Dress Mildred

So put this crystal set yourself on Different.cz and continue to be with us Different;)

Published by: Team Different

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