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Look under the cover of Different.cz

  08. 09. 2016      From the fashion world

Everything else in Different is done openly. We are not a 500 million investor group and now it's an e-shop. We started in Pilsen at college because we just felt that the Czech fashion scene would deserve a fresh breeze. And now we are a team of people who just like their work, do not mind keeping them a few hours longer and have one goal: The most satisfied customers .

Because without you - our satisfied customers - our work would be of no help ...

So come with a look at the section of the fashionable e-shop Different.cz :)

Entrance hall

Entrance hall. Meetings or presentations? Welcome visits? We use our entrance hall. We use it for all meetings. If someone wants to say something, they're here. If anyone wants to talk to someone, they're here. When somebody / somebody gets angry, they're going to swing ... It helps!

Door to the warehouse

You can enter the main store directly from the entrance hall. Inside, we have a large entrance door so that large consignments from Spain, Brazil, Italy, Holland and other destinations can be easily taken to the warehouse by the drivers. We only consume thousands of packets per month, and they must be stored well enough to be handy and can be easily removed from the truck and taken to a storage place.

At the parcel shelves, all prepared consignments are carefully checked and assembled into boxes .

There is also an expeditionary place where we prepare your ready-made and wrapped consignments. And from it, then the transport company drivers pick up their cars and take them to your hands;)

Here are our marketians for the Czech, Slovak and Romanian versions of Different. He thinks about what to do for you and how to show you that we really do it in Different.cz with heart and with great enthusiasm . That's Different is ...

When you call or mail us, girls are chatting with you from our customer line. You're sitting here. Carefully in the room where they can close to hear you well, and with the door directly to the central warehouse. So, if you want us to measure your future new autumn dress , let's just find the piece in the shelf and within a few minutes of it you'll have an answer;)

Here we go to the rug.
But as you can see, there is no one here. We are all trying to get Milan to get him :)

Here we relax and enjoy the serenity. It does not seem to happen, so at lunchtime people will think of a lot of new things :) And when someone brings a bun from home? It is a dream!

Just outside the kitchen is a kitchen without which we could not work. Coffee is an important part of our working life! Especially when we begin to bring new collections and we add to e-shop practically day and night :)

And guess what we do here? :)

So now you know how it looks at us (at least in part). And trust us that we will always do our best to look for the most exciting world fashion brands to advise you as much as we can ... and to move our "different sailboats" forward. Even if it means we just pull out our sleeves and blow our sails in the sails ... Thank you for being different with us.

Published by: Milan Polák

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