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Láska k módě v podobě Differenta Design

  13. 02. 2019      Different TV CZ / SK


Our and your love. Our dream come true in the form of our own brand. Our little Differentiate baby . All this and much more is the fashion brand Differenta Desig n ❤️

In ten years' fashion , we've seen quite a lot. We saw really beautiful pieces, but even the less successful ones. We have been choosing the best for you for ten years and the nicest fashion items the world has to offer. That's why we decided one day to create the best of us. A tag that will represent Different. Pieces that will be right from us for you.

Differenta Design is a truly unique matter and we think that everyone and you will find it. The brand is not afraid of wit and mainly originality. He always tries to impress and surprise something. For example, our first T-shirts contained the best buzz they really did. For example, we have to mention the message "Daddy announces a buzz" from a really beautiful fairy tale. Or "Do not Zagorka" - it is particularly hilarious. And we must not forget the legendary message Standa Řezáč "Majn tacit try šušn" , which is really the most popular with you.

As time went by , we thought we could set out on another journey and create some more fashion pieces. That's why a brand new Differenta Design collection was created, which is truly unique. It features a mix of different styles that all age groups like. We have dresses, sweatshirts and beanies for ladies. But we also have luxury pieces for men in the form of sweatshirts.

And what more? Milan and Simča will tell you in our DifferentTV. We are glad that you are with us.


Published by: Martin Špeta

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