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  15. 04. 2019      Different TV CZ / SK


The beauties of nature are already breaking out with slow steps, and that is the only thing. The ideal time for sports activities and the performance of Desigual sportswear starts . HIP HIP, WORLD!

From the latest Desigual Sport collection, I have prepared three under the collections that you will recognize by different patterns and designs. We will also show you individual combinations of colors such as blue and purple. Dark blue and orange and beautiful light blue .

Colors are one thing, but patterns. The patterns make these pieces truly unique. In the current collection you will find both tropical and floral patterns that are really different.

Desigual Sport collection provides you with the best performance and the greatest comfort. It is suitable both for greater sports performance and for your leisure activities. You can choose pieces of both functional material and cotton.

And what wisdom do we choose to conclude today? Sport to health and sport! Do not miss the beauty of nature. Throw yourself out. You clear your head and throw your worries behind.


Published by: Martin Špeta

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