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Keepcup - the mug that lights up the day

  07. 12. 2015      From the fashion world

In today's modern day, we will not even get to work in the morning without wearing fresh coffee . And if you're equally addicted, you know very well that your favorite cup of coffee or tea tastes the most. So we have a great message for you. We bring new mugs that will make you happy every weekday. Keepcup is not just a simple cup ...

The plastic (polypropylene-free BPA) mug with silicone accessories was created mainly to protect nature. Mug makers in 1998 said that there were already enough plastic and paper disposable cups. Later, however, these imaginative and colorful mugs became more of a phenomenon than they expected.

These non-toxic and environmentally friendly mugs are produced in several color variants that you could not even imagine, but with some extraordinary magic, such pastel colors fit perfectly and make you so happy every day. You can choose from four sizes, extra small, small, medium and large, so you can make your favorite mug as small, black coffee, as well as sweet and big latte.

The popularity of these mugs is not just fun of their material and colors, but their practicality is also a must for speech. Keepcup keeps your hot drink for about thirty minutes longer than the usual cup, plus the silicone closure can help ensure that the cup does not spill. The mug can fit into most coffee makers, you can put it in the microwave and dishwasher.

On various social networks you can see that Keepcup has become a big phenomenon in several countries around the world. People keep their Keepcupy (especially a top-of-the-box view) taking photos on the way to work, on the work table between papers and walking, showing that even a "small plastic tiny" can make the day more pleasant.

And you still hesitate? Make yourself happy and get one that suits you right. We promise to be with you every morning and bring you the best you can - your morning coffee. In addition, you can finally get out of the crowd and have your unusual and merry mug that everyone will enjoy. Be a little different. ;)

Sources of photos: Pinterest.com

Published by: Differenta Team

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