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KeepCup - practical mugs with style

  19. 01. 2016      Different TV CZ / SK

It is in the morning, you are looking for the right positive energy and going to work to meet other daily tasks. What can help you in such a way to work? What will improve your day? How will you start your body? With her favorite coffee or tea . And there's nothing simpler than choosing a stylish mug that captures a smile on your face every morning.

Speech is about a cup named KeepCup . This mug is dedicated to another part of our Different TV, and we have to say at the beginning that we are so excited about this brand. We know that we like the colors and style of these mugs, but we also love the idea of ​​saving the world . With KeepCup, we also enjoy coffee or goblet with plastic or paper cups. Go to your favorite café on your way to work and give them your own stylish KeepCup instead of their cup. :) You will not only attend the course, but also with your small step you will support the world . And that's worth it!

Here you will find basic information about the KeepCup Mug that will simply make you love a mug before it arrives home. Thanks to the well-designed closure, it is very practical , and a stylish strip of rubber around the body will protect you from burning from a hot drink.

We have the size of Large, Medium, Small and in some limited editions as well as Extra Small, for those of you who are looking for a small, strong coffee. :)

We know that you have taken the idea of ​​stylish coffee drinking even on the way to work and to save the environment just as we do. :) Therefore, we also believe that you will choose your great KeepCup. Check out our new "Different TV" first , let yourself be enticed, and then just choose.

Published by: Differenta Team

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