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Keep Your Head Warm. Winter Cap by Differenta!

  15. 11. 2019      From the fashion world

We used to hate them, nowadays they are a popular fashion accessory. Winter caps!

Do you remember the times you were angry with your mum, everytime she reminded you in the doorway: "Don't forget to put on your winter cap!" And did you also use to hide it to the bottom of your backpack as soon as you got out of sight?
Are you one of those who put on a winter cap only when going skiing? And is your head cold every winter, because you don't want to ruin your hairstyle or to look like a boor in your winter cap, so you don't wear any? 

Put an end to such prejudice. You'll want to wear Differenta winter cap voluntarily!

What do we recommend? And which ones have we tried? Those that warm you not only on your head but also on your heart. So keep your head warm with Differenta.

Calvin Klein Beanies

The brand Calvin Klein is always ready for winter, since it offers a wide selection of beanies. CK beanies in many designs and colours ranks among the most favourite winter accessories not only for women and men, but also for children and teenagers.

Calvin Klein beanies with a logo in the middle of the forehead can be worn simply with anything. The only problem is that it's hard to choose only one, so you will probably "need" a few of them.

čepice Calvin Klein

Winter caps by Guess or Blutsgeschwister 

Elegance or "craziness"? We have both. New brands at Differenta won your heart quite fast and so winter caps by these brands definitely shouldn't be missing in your winter wardrobe, since they will warm your head as well as your soul.

The among women worldwide loved brand - Guess - offeres subtle elegance in black design with silver embroidered logo. On the other hand, the German star Blutsgeschwister comes with a winter cap with a little retro pattern that you will look great in, everywhere you'll go. 

značkové zimní čepice

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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