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Keep Cup - Heaters that make sense

  26. 10. 2018      From the fashion world

Coffee to go, tea for warming in cold days, Christmas welding on the way through the city?
Hot drink in a cup that you simply discard after use - simple, fast, but non-organic!

Every year, around 500 billion plastic cups are produced around the world ... Let's think ... In Australia they've been thinking a long time ago, and they've started to make cups / mugs that we can use for our favorite drinks over and over and make it a little easier the environment.

non-organic plastic kerimky

Keep Cup is a stylish thermo cup, though not literally - your drink in it keeps warm in 20-30 minutes longer , not long hours. Its existence is primarily ecological , because the consumption of ordinary plastic cups is decreasing in the world by every cup bought by Keep Cup .

It is made of polypropylene or glass , does not contain BPA and is not toxic. You do not have to worry about washing it in a dishwasher or heating it in a microwave.

You can choose from several different sizes and a wide range of color combinations. There are also original limited editions. who likes their design at a glance.

Keep CUp Large

Keep Cup Star Wars

Keep Cup Medium

Have you chosen your own? If you do not - choose https://www.different.com/keepcup .

Still, with Keep Cup you look more stylish than an ordinary cup and besides the warm beverage in it, it will make you feel good too that you have done something good for our environment.

Keep Cup

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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