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Italian handbags Ju'sto

  17. 07. 2018      Different TV CZ / SK


Noooováááá, značka !!!

Finally! We are very pleased to be able to introduce you to the new Italian brand of Ju'sto handbags. This brings a fresh wind and a blown look. The founder of this brand is the designer Emanuele Magenta , who created, for example, O Bag bags.

Ju'sto are handbags made of special Eva material . They are therefore durable, washable and flexible. In addition to these features, it will impress you   simple looks and a variety of color combinations.

In addition to handbags, Ju'sto also offers   stylish backpacks with surprise . The backpacks are equipped with a removable front pocket,   which is made of neoprene. That's why you can create a different color backpack combination + front pocket. End? No way. You can also use the pocket as a simple letterhead.

So he's hurting three times for Ju'sto, Ju'sto, Ju'sto!


Published by: Martin Špeta

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