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Is the Army Style Still in the Course?

  26. 02. 2018      How to Dress Up


one time I've worn a lot of army style - dressing pants, studs and spikes, etc. Now I've sorted the wardrobe and found these treasures on its bottom. But I'm sorry to throw away the stuff, because it still sits. Do you think he's still wearing?

Eva Černá


Dear Evo,

Army style is always worn, it's a style that never goes out of fashion, just like a black & white combination. It's Army's style behind the zenith you only seem to be able to push it to other styles. We love things that are different, and the army is definitely the style, and if you like the army, we give you the green light.

It might be worth noting that Army style may not just be a mask, but just a classic army of colors combined with the pieces you normally wear. Army and style will be in Converse jeans and sneakers , which will complement the stylish park. Fornarina outfit, for example, can be inspired by this.


Nice day for www.different.cz Nikol.

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