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Is it important to know which color suits you better? Yes!

  09. 12. 2014      From the fashion world

If you thought it did not matter what color you wear, I will have to refute this idea. The light rays that hit your clothes reflect the color shades that affect your skin. And that color is simply not indecent. Some on your face look like you're eating something bad, and others just make the wrinkles you're trying to keep. We each have a color that is our favorite, in which we shine and we hear from it that it suits us. Such color gives you self-confidence, it is aging and you are more beautiful in it.

However, it's not just the color, but the exact specific shade you find in makeup. If you apply the correct eye line along with the correct shade, you will have a full face as if the sun's rays hit you even in cloudy weather. If you believe that blue-eyed trees have only shadows in shades of blue and greenish green, you are wrong. You must unify color with skin and hair color.

Color typology Color typology

Spring warm type

If your skin is ivory-colored, translucently pale and sunbathe mostly in red, you should choose soft pastel tones of blue, gray-green and turquoise. Try also the golden brown. Lines should be rather gray or brown, not black at all.

Cold summer type

Does your skin shine in the sun? Then beige tones with pinkish tones will suit you. Smoky shadows or browns, instead of gray or red, fit in the eyes. You will not make a mistake either with yellow. Eye lines should be rather green, turquoise or dark gray.

Autumn warm type

Warm tone of champagne or deep gold beige, tan to red. Does he tell you something? So dark brown or black mascara and lines in the shadow colors, which should have amber, brick, turquoise or hazel shade.

Cold winter type

Are you an olive tree or do you have faces like Snow White? Then it is best for you to combine bright contrasting colors, white-gray silvery shadows and shades of coal. You will have black lines and mascara may also be black. Daily choices should be decent.

Perhaps you have chosen your type and you will feel better because of your color in this pre-Christmas hustle. So nice holidays.

Published by: Team Different

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