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Interview: Alica Kulichová - Slovak model shot a sports campaign called Desigual

  24. 06. 2015      From the fashion world

The Desigual Sport Collection is truly splendid, unique and original. It is no wonder, then, that everyone will fall in love with her. Desigual is just love at first glance. And what about the Desigual brand is the Slovak fashion model that shot the campaign for the Desigual sports collection ? Alica Kulichová is a successful Slovak model who lives in the town where Desigual was born.

Official facebook Alice Kulich. Alica Kulich for Desigual.

What is being plated, that Z is said to Desigual and characterized as Relationship kv filesystem t EtO considerable CKY?

With the word Desigual, I will provide a typical handwriting of the brand that has been successful for so many years that I have created some time. It keeps me in fashion and in other directions more to minimalism, but I still know Desigual, to appreciate his playfulness and color. I love brands that have their own philosophy and style to hold.

Since 2013, Desigual has been presenting the sporting collection for which he photographed. Ish mind that sporting a collection of Desigual meet nes after the requirements of sportsmen? What do you have l s story? Maj etting mething nav IC?

I think the various ornaments and crazy colors used by Desigual are ideal for a sporting collection. I know a lot of women who enjoy more extravagance in their sports clothes than in their regular wardrobe. Personally, I really like sport shoes on this collection. In such cheerful sneakers, it is somewhat cheerfully trained; and the requirements of the athletes will definitely spell.


Moment of ALN lives with sleeping Elske, where CCA brand Desigual poch to i. Have you acclimated to a stylized and stylish style ?

I do not change my style very much. I know what I feel like I am. I acclimated in that I no longer use as much black as before, and my clothes are lighter and lighter.

Is the Desigual Mark in Spain very busy ?

Yes, I meet the people dressed in Desigual, they can not be overlooked in the street.

How you overall style of domains that considerable CKA Desigual presents Úsobí p s?

Thanks to the fact that I was able to look back on the backdrop of Desigual, I now know that the whole "madness" has its own history and concept, and that's why I find it very sympathetic, with a great charisma and a taste for life.

How and Atmospheric era was shooting and p s?

The shooting was very fast and fun. They did not know what they wanted, so they let me practice, run and jump in the studio, and some of it spontaneously occurred. What gave me the most impressive impression is that all the people with whom I had the opportunity to work felt that they were related to the brand and their philosophy. Everyone seemed happy and proud of where they worked. And that made me really beautiful.

Is he sporting a lot? What do you care most for?

I am very happy to share. I regularly practice fitness, play tennis, golf, ski, run and when I go, I will take my dog. I am from a family where there has always been a lot of sport and care for a healthy lifestyle. I prefer to wear jeans, a jacket and a shorter leather jacket.

After you drove by a ějak n ý piece or f u n ějak characterized as?

I have a few pieces of Desigual. Even though I'm more conservative, I like painting a lot of times with my outfit.

Official facebook by Alice Kulichová. Slovak model Alica Kulichová in Desigual stores.

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