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International Women's Day - Gift Ideas for Women

  06. 03. 2017      From the fashion world

Everybody knows very well that 8 March is an international day for women, but few know that women should celebrate and give birth to this day. Most of us claim that MDG is just a Communist holiday, but the truth is that this day, in 1908, women got their voting rights. And so it just became the 8th March International Day of "Free" Women with the Law, and you gentlemen, you should forget about some carnations and give a lot to your beloved wife, sister, mother, grandmother or friend. gift ideas .

1) Handbag

Choosing gifts for women can often seem like a tricky task, but believe it is not so much effort. Have you ever heard of a woman answering a question about whether she needs a handbag? Never, a woman's handbags never have enough. The long gone are those times when they needed to tune the handbags just to the boots. Today they need a purse for a coat, a purse for a belt, a handbag for a shirt or a sweater, and we can continue this way indefinitely. Or if you want to please your dear, please take a lady's bag or bag .

Doca bag

2) Jewelry

No woman has ever been jealous of jewelry. Whether glittering or plastic. The current selection is very easy, just guess the color and style and you are winning. A jewelery gift will make her joyful even if you do not completely fall back, the woman jewelry can always combine with something.

Bracelet Ops! Objects

3) Scarf

What you do not do is spoil a scarf or scarf, a scarf can be used for many purposes, and if you choose a stylish and original Desigual scarf , you will make a woman very happy.

Desigual scarf

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