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International Underwear Day

  01. 04. 2019      From the fashion world

Even though we know there are those among us who have no problem getting out of it, this international day is for those who can't imagine their lives without underwear .

Does it seem strange for you to wear "your day" underwear? After all, international days are supposed to be reminiscent of some important historical events, right? ... But believe that underwear has a great deal of history.

The linen we know today began to appear at the beginning of the 20th century and had a purely practical purpose. The fact that it could also become a good eye-catcher occurred to people over the years. But this has happened and we, the women and men of the future, thank you for that.

After all, you can imagine that you go every day in a tightly tied corset, your excessively sexy piece is "kata" in the middle of your thighs with a canal around your pants and your man wearing another pants under his pants, reaching up to his calves and having to unfasten wrestle with three knots and two knobs to it?

Acknowledgments include Lucy Duff Gordon (first underpants with shorts to a minimum), Maria Tucek and Mary Phelps Jacob (first bras) and male generation (male underwear developed gradually as needed, comfort and ideas).

Today, we are choosing among the irresistible cuts, colors and designs of many brands that enchant us every season and attract more and more beautiful, comfortable and indispensable pieces to our dressers.


Whether you are a fan of sports, functional, elegant or sexy lace underwear, choose it 3.4. On this international day , sellers organize events, special offers or underwear discounts to please its wearers and customers.

Lingerie for women

Timeless Calvin Klein or iconic Tommy Hilfiger . Each brand has something in itself and offers panties, thong, bras of many cuts and color combinations that make every woman smile on her lips. It should be noted that over some pieces it is a pity to dress other clothes as they are beautiful.

Underwear for men

Above all, comfort. Gentlemen do not be afraid to prefer style and feel the distinctive colors of Calvin Klein or the practical 3 packs of Tommy Hilfiger in a decent color combination that is so typical of the brand.

Underwear for both of you, sweeten yourself with an expensive half

What is mine is yours. Falling in love awakens many of us, even the desire to wear the same clothes. With the Slippsy brand, it's no problem with the underwear. It offers trendy shorts for women and men for moments of home comfort.

Published by: Katka Kocandrlova

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