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Interesting and stylish packaging for iPads and other tablets

  26. 01. 2015      From the fashion world

iPad or other tablet? Only in stylish

Do you have a cloaked or perched cover on your pet and do you need a change? Looking for and looking for, but still can not find the right one? I have a solution for you. The Disaster and Santoro make for you unique "room" for your pets, which not only protects them because they are made of quality neoprene but make them an unexplainable accessory that you will not have to be ashamed to take with you anywhere.

IPad covers from Disaster Designs


Stylish iPad package from Disaster Designs


Discrete Designs funny iPad cover


Retro packaging for iPad Disaster Designs

Genuine iPad from Disaster Designs

Genuine iPad from Disaster Designs

Beautiful and interesting packaging for the iPad by Santoro London


Stylish iPad from Santoro London

Wrapping tablets with sponge

There are plenty of different bags, covers, covers, etc. on the market, but most of them are of poor quality and often unimaginable appearance. The Desigual fashion brand has created up-to-date tabletop covers made of high-quality plastic and neoprene , so your device will be incredibly beautiful and always well-protected.


Desigual tablet / iPad package


Wonderful neoprene cover for Desigual iPad

Nice, is not it? And what about these two packs for your electronic pets?


Desigual tablet / iPad package


Desigual color cover for tablet / iPad

So what do you think? Now your iPad or other tablet will always be in the prettiest jacket;)

Published by: Team Different

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