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How to wear high boots?

  01. 03. 2018      How to Dress Up


I bought this year's high boots over my knees because it's a huge fashion trend and I want to go with time. We have been in the shoe for a month and I only had them on my legs, I do not know much about how to wear them properly. Will you help me?

Andrea Kolmá


Dear Andrea,

The fact is that high boots above the knees are more in the course this year than last year and that it brings not only a dramatic but also a practical look at fashion! So how to wear them so they do not act provocatively and tastefully, but on the other hand sensuously and elegantly?

Probably one of the best ways to wear boots over knees is with both mini skirts and midi skirts . Your legs will be warm, the skirt should be slightly widened to the shape of a shoe with a narrow toe. Do not be afraid to combine different colors and patterns. If you want to dress something more sexy, then it is a clear choice for you with a miniskirt with high heels. Combined with dark stockings that will be elegantly tied to black suede boots, you definitely do not step next to it.

You can also wear high boots with classic skinny jeans . It's a bet for sure. Add an oversize sweater, cardigan or jacket and have a perfect outfit. A great outfit will be high boots with dresses in any design . Perhaps even with sweaters, knits that fall into the must have this season.

Nice day for www.different.cz, Nikol.

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