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How to wear clothes in autumn and winter?

  17. 10. 2018      From the fashion world

Are you sorry to postpone and hide your favorite summer wardrobe dresses? Do not do it, we advise how you can wear it both in autumn and in winter. The fact that autumn has just started does not mean you should wear black and gray. And nature clings to beautifully colorful colors, so why should you, dear ladies, dress up in black? In this article you will learn how to wear clothes in autumn and winter!

how to wear an autumn dress

So how to tune in to the right autumn wave? Easily. Yes, the truth is that you will never spoil anything black and gray, but what about mustard, red, green, powder or blue? Dots, stripes and color motifs? If you feel comfortable in the summer, dress them in the gloomy season.

Autumn Dress

The instructions are simple. Dress your favorite dresses and tune them with colored stockings. Throw a jacket or jacket over them and have an autumn outfit painted. In addition, experienced a huge boom dress shirt, which you can combine both with jeans and a knitted vestám or jerseys.

Believe that the transition from summer to autumn and winter will be much more enjoyable for you with these remarkable outfits in which you can use your summer catches.

Dress Desigual

Scotch & Soda Shirt

Winter dress

Not only the summer dress but also the winter ones are perfect for comfortable wearing. You do not just have to pull out supplies, but you can buy some nice piece. It's up to the material to keep you from getting cold. Such knitwear, sweaters or sweatshirts will definitely not spoil you.

Scotch & Soda Dress

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